Category: Daily Recitations


EVENING RECITATIONS Practice Note: In accordance with the Vienamese custom, this service is conducted shortly after NOON, this being the ‘Evening’ in monasteries. This series of recitations is devoted almost entirely to PURE LAND practices as has been the custom


MORNING RECITATION At the appointed hour, the signal is sounded and all monks form a processional outside the Great Shrine Hall. All monks are dressed in both full sleeved robe and kesa. The order of procession is fixed by tradition

Buddhist Prayers

Buddhist Prayers 1. Prayer for Opening the Sūtra (khai kinh kệ) The unsurpassed, profound true Dharma Vô thượng thậm thâm vi diệu Pháp  Is hard to encounter in billions of kalpas. Bách thiên vạn kiếp nan tao ngộ This I